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Family Affairs August Teasers 2020

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Wednesday 1 July 2020

Episode 435

Kaushalya confronts Raghav for slapping Shivam in front of Riya. Riya assures Kaushalya that Shivam will get a government job. Later, Raghav and Shanti leave for Haridwar.

Episode 436

Tension surfaces when Sarla insinuates that Riya wants to take Shanti’s place in her absence. Later, Sarla decides that instead of paying the bills, she will keep the money for herself.

Thursday 2 July 2020

Episode 437

Riya finds Sarla and Pari trying to find something in Shanti’s room. Nimmi gets into an argument with Sarla for not giving her money. Meanwhile, Kaushalya finds it difficult to manage the house with limited resources.

Episode 438

Shivam hands over his first salary to Kaushalya. Sarla takes Ashok to Shanti Sadan to keep him away from Nirmala. Later, Kaushalya asks Riya and Nimmi to accompany her to an engagement ceremony, while Pari and Sarla plan to get Kaushalya into trouble

Friday 3 July 2020

Episode 439

Sarla allows Kaushalya to attend her friend’s daughter’s wedding after learning that Nirmala is coming to Shanti Sadan. Later, Riya, Nimmi and Preeti learn about the mischief that Sarla has played with the wedding gift.

Episode 440

Riya and Nimmi try to find a way to replace the plastic ring, while Preeti tells Pari about their discovery. Meanwhile, Nirmala wants Ashok back.

Saturday 4 July 2020

Episode 441

Riya seeks Rani’s help to bring Amit and Pari with her. Rani comes up with an idea. Later, Riya confronts Pari about the ring.

Episode 442

Riya blackmails Pari to get Pinky ready for the engagement party. Shivam refuses to take bribe from a person who offers him to be the coach.

Sunday 5 July 2020

Episode 443

Sarla steals Kaushalya’s things and hides Shivam’s offer letter. Later, Pari tells Preeti to use Nandu’s closeness to Nimmi as a reason for divorce. What will Preeti do?

Episode 444

Rani takes control over Pari’s room to keep it for Amit and herself. The following day, the Shrivastavs get a notice that their house will be auctioned if the tax isn’t paid soon. What will they do now?

Monday 6 July 2020

Episode 445

Sarla overhears Riya and Nimmi’s conversation and hides the tax notice papers. Later, Riya and Nimmi think of ways to gather money to pay the tax, while Sarla decides to lend them the money.

Episode 446

Shivam and Riya decide to stop the auction of the house. At Kaushalya’s insistence, Riya agrees to pawn her jewellery. Meanwhile, a stranger steals money from Shivam.

Tuesday 7 July 2020

Episode 447

Upon Riya’s request, Shivam apologises to the government officer. Later, the officer locks Shanti’s room. Sarla tells Amit that Shanti Sadan will be auctioned!

Episode 448

Shivam is arrested for assaulting his ex-boss. Shanti suspects Riya of hiding something. Who will bail Shivam out?

Wednesday 8 July 2020

Episode 449

Kaushalya and Riya are upset with Shivam. Meanwhile, Sarla bribes Sharma to stop the auction. However, Riya decides to expose Sharma. Later, Shanti and Raghav are shocked to learn about the auction of Shanti Sadan.

Episode 450

Riya informs Shanti that her event management company has got the order to organise a birthday event. Sarla is shocked as Preeti is aware of her secret. Later, Shanti makes a request to Riya. What is it?

Thursday 9 July 2020

Episode 451

An officer from the IT department tells Shanti that they will put her house on auction the next day. Meanwhile, Shivam is arrested for getting into a brawl. Will the Shrivastavs be able to save Shanti Sadan?

Episode 452

Riya bails Shivam out. Meanwhile, Sarla lies to Shanti that her jewellery is stolen. Later, Shanti agrees to sell Riya’s jewellery to save Shanti Sadan from being auctioned.

Friday 10 July 2020

Episode 453

Shanti sends everyone to the temple to raise money. Later, Riya and Kaushalya come back with some good news for Shanti.

Episode 454

Shanti mortgages the house. Later, Sarla reports Amit to the police after he ties her to a chair and leaves with the money.

Saturday 11 July 2020

Episode 455

The police is forced to handcuff Shanti. Shivam gets aggressive with a customer for not getting him the money on time. Meanwhile, Sarla and Amit come to the auction in disguise!

Episode 456

The auction of Shanti Sadan is on. Sarla has made her bid. Will it be all over before Shivam and Riya could reach there?

Sunday 12 July 2020

Episode 457

Amit and Rani let out the secret about Nirmala’s house when Sarla tries to cast them out of the house. Later, Shanti tries to get Shivam and Riya out of the jail, while Sarla tries to throw Nirmala out of the house.

Episode 458

Kaushalya advises Riya to find a solution for Shivam’s temper. Meanwhile, Sarla misleads Shanti saying that Ashok beats her and Nirmala is his relative. Later, Shanti hits Ashok!

Monday 13 July 2020

Episode 459

Shanti learns about Ashok and Nirmala’s marriage. Hardly had the shock sunk in, when Nirmala tells her about Ashok and Sarla’s divorce!

Episode 460

Shanti breaks ties with Sarla and tells her to face her problems. Meanwhile, Riya tells Kaushalya that Ashok was forced to marry Nirmala. Later, Shanti falls unconscious.

Tuesday 14 July 2020

Episode 461

The doctor tells the Shrivastavs that Shanti has had a heart attack. Meanwhile, Nirmala takes control of the household.

Episode 462

The Shrivastavs panic and contact Shivam when Shanti’s condition deteriorates. Later, Kaushalya stops Sarla from entering the house and tells Raghav the truth.

Wednesday 15 July 2020

Episode 463

Raghav denies Sarla entry into the house after she confesses her misdeeds. The Shrivastavs are shocked when the doctor announces that Shanti is no more!

Episode 464

The family mourns a grave loss while Riya tries to bring a traumatised Raghav back to reality. Though grief-stricken, he mutters his last words to Shanti. However, a new shock awaits him and the others as Shanti suddenly comes back to life.

Thursday 16 July 2020

Episode 465

Shanti continues to deny Sarla entry into the house and refuses to forgive her. Meanwhile, Riya gets mischievous with Shivam after a long time. Shanti sets some conditions before letting Sarla in the house.

Episode 466

Rajinder and Bansi steal from Sarla’s house. Later, Sarla accuses Nirmala of stealing their money. Nirmala demands a fortune from Sarla to leave Ashok. Meanwhile, Shivam gets angry when Shanti talks to him about getting a government job.

Friday 17 July 2020

Episode 467

Sarla asks Shanti for some money to pay off Nirmala. When refused, she declares that she will never return to Shanti Sadan. Meanwhile, Ashok worries for Raghav when Sarla tells him that Raghav’s job is at stake.

Episode 468

Sarla stops Ashok from telling Raghav about her misdeeds. However, Ashok seeks Riya’s help to save Raghav’s job. Later, Raghav asks Ashok to stay out of his personal matters.

Saturday 18 July 2020

Episode 469

Riya and Nimmi go to the railway station and meet Ashok and the union head of the station. They then protest against the misuse of authority. Will Raghav get justice?

Episode 470

Sarla defends Raghav from the accusations. The railway head decides to reinstate Raghav and give Ashok his canteen back. But, will Shanti forgive Sarla?

Sunday 19 July 2020

Episode 471

Sarla tells Nirmala that she will soon throw her out of the house. Kaushalya is grateful to Nimmi and Riya for saving Raghav’s job. Later, Rani warns Amit that he will suffer if the child is telling the truth, while Kaushalya approaches Shanti for money to buy a gift for Raghav.

Episode 472

Preeti spoils the fun when Riya, Nimmi, Shivam and Nandu get into a golgappa eating competition. Shivam and Riya dress up like Raghav and Kaushalya! Meanwhile, Sarla and Nirmala think of ways to get rid of each other.

Monday 20 July 2020

Episode 473

Raghav finds Kaushalya in a good mood as she presents him a gift. Meanwhile, Shivam prepares Riya for the puja in the house. On the other hand, Sarla learns an interesting fact from her men about Nirmala.

Episode 474

Sarla goes to meet Nirmala’s lawyer with her goons and persuades him to stop the divorce papers. Meanwhile, Shanti thinks about the future and the person to whom she’ll hand over the authority of the house. Later, she talks to Nimmi about it.

Tuesday 21 July 2020

Episode 475

Nimmi dreams about controlling the house! Riya scolds Preeti for trying to burn her wedding scarf. Later, they get into a heated argument.

Episode 476

Shanti makes Riya the mistress of Shanti Sadan! But after Riya leaves for work, Shanti tells Kaushalya that only she can replace her at Shanti Sadan. Is Shanti playing some games?

Wednesday 22 July 2020

Episode 477

Preeti hides the truth about Nandu from Lucky. Meanwhile, Sarla confronts Shanti after overhearing her conversation about making Kaushalya the successor.

Episode 478

Sarla tells Kaushalya that she will never come to Shanti Sadan. Shanti is then in a fix as to whom she should hand over the responsibilities of Shanti Sadan.

Thursday 23 July 2020

Episode 479

Sarla and Shanti foresee a bleak future for Sarla! This makes Sarla even more vindictive. Meanwhile, Shivam confronts Riya about her secret.

Episode 480

Kaushalya and Riya notice that Shanti is not at home and set out to bring Sarla. Meanwhile, Pari has a plan to destroy Shanti Sadan. But, how will Sarla get rid of Nirmala?

Friday 24 July 2020

Episode 481

Sarla and Ashok are baffled when an official demands proof for cancelling the divorce application. Meanwhile, Shanti, Kaushalya and Riya arrive at Sarla’s house to take her home.

Episode 482

Shanti imagines Kaushalya as the household head. Meanwhile, Sarla confronts Pari about seeing her with a man and learns a startling secret about Preeti.

Saturday 25 July 2020

Episode 483

Riya and Kaushalya comfort Shanti as she suffers from a nightmare. Later, Sarla refuses to accompany Nimmi to attend a ritual. Instead, she plans to destroy Shanti Sadan.

Episode 484

Ashok catches Nirmala red-handed! Meanwhile, Shanti recalls her nightmare during the puja. Later, Sarla arrives and takes advantage of the situation.

Sunday 26 July 2020

Episode 485

Kaushalya and Nimmi eavesdrop on Shanti and Riya’s conversation. Shanti gives a task to Riya. Meanwhile, Nirmala tries to turn Rani against Sarla.

Episode 486

Kaushalya throws a tantrums when she hears Shanti’s orders for Riya. Later, Riya has made plans for Nirmala. But will Amit reveal the truth.

Monday 27 July 2020

Episode 487

Riya and Nimmi advise Kaushalya to keep Pari away from Preeti. Riya has a plan to get rid of Nirmala. Meanwhile, Kaushalya and Nimmi request Shivam to help them.

Episode 488

Preeti and Pari follow Nandu and Nimmi. Meanwhile, what is Riya and Shivam’s plan for Nirmala and Ashok? Later, Preeti shocks Lucky with her demand.

Tuesday 28 July 2020

Episode 489

Shivam takes Nirmala to the clinic after she suffers from a fall. Meanwhile, Sarla uses Riya’s absence to turn the family against her.

Episode 490

Riya lies to Nirmala about the clinic and cuts Shanti’s call. Later, she faces her wrath. Meanwhile, Pari has a plan which she wants Preeti to act upon. Will Preeti do it?

Wednesday 29 July 2020

Episode 491

Riya tries to find an excuse to tell Shanti and Kaushalya. She disguises as a man and tries to gain Nirmala’s trust. Meanwhile, Sarla makes Kaushalya regret her life at Shanti Sadan.

Episode 492

In disguise, Shivam and Riya manage to fool Nirmala. Nimmi advises Preeti to stay away from Pari. Riya lies to Sarla about the stolen money and Shivam tries to help her cover het lies. Tension arises when Nirmala comes looking for Ashok.

Thursday 30 July 2020

Episode 493

Shivam addresses Nirmala as Chamanlal and asks her to meet him outside. Meanwhile, Nimmi tells Nandu that the earrings are missing. Later, Preeti pretends to faint, while Nandu breaks her Karva Chauth fast.

Episode 494

Nandu saves Nimmi from falling. However, Preeti accuses her of being in love with him. Later, Nandu consoles an upset Nimmi. Sarla sets her eyes on the special silver ring given to Riya by Shanti.

Friday 31 July 2020

Episode 495

Nimmi conspires with Kaushalya, advising her to stop Riya from achieving her goals. Later, Kaushalya influences Shanti to give Riya an ultimatum.

Episode 496

Nirmala is unhappy that Sarla and Ashok have cancelled their divorce. Meanwhile, Riya seeks Nimmi’s help to throw Nirmala out of Sarla’s home. Will she succeed?

Premiere episodes of Family Affairs air on Star Life from Mondays to Sundays at 18h00 and 18h30.


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