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Geet Teasers September 20200 -Starlife


Geet Teasers September 20200 -Starlife

We gladly Inform you about Geet Teasers September 20200 -Starlife -read Full Episode below

Dev approves Maan and Geet, and have given a new meaning with their love. Do Maan and Geet feel the same about their relationship?

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Starlife Geet September  Teasers 2020

Tuesday 1st September 2020  

Episode 383

When Teej arrives, Savitri Devi asks Maan to prepare for the festival. She further informs him to stay back home since Geet is observing a fast in his name. Will Maan listen to Savitri Devi?

Episode 384

In the course of an argument, Geet tells Maan that she will act as she wishes. Naintaara finds that Dev is attracted to Nandini. When there is a power failure, Maan tries to help Geet to find sindoor. What happens in the darkness?

 Wednesday 2nd September 2020
Episode 385
Adi, who wants to pass on important information, fails to get through to Maan. However, the information mistakenly falls into Naintaara’s hands. Will she misuse the information?
Episode 386
While Maan searches for his phone, Naintaara hides it in Geet’s room. She tells him that she saw his phone in Geet’s hands and he finds the phone in her room. He is enraged at Geet when Adi tells him about the meeting. What does Maan do next?
Thursday 3rd September 2020 
Episode 387
While Maan humiliates Geet in front of the guests for losing the deal, Dev tells him that she had contacted them at their house. Maan apologizes to Geet for his behaviour. What is Geet’s reaction to this? Will Khurana Industries get the deal?
Episode 388
On the day of Teej, Maan refuses to acknowledge Geet as his wife. Geet, however, is firm that she will break her fast only after seeing Maan. Dev tries his best to convince Maan. Will Dev succeed?
Friday 4th September 2020
Episode 389
When Naintaara tells Maan that Geet is faking illness, he screams at her. When Geet faints, the doctor informs them that she is suffering from low blood pressure due to fasting. Savitri Devi states that she will fast until Geet regains consciousness. What will Maan do?
Episode 390
Geet asks Maan to end her fast so that Dadimaa can eat too. Nandini is hurt when Naintaara taunts her for getting friendly with Dev. Maan expresses regret over his behaviour with Geet, but claims he does not remember their relation. Will Geet help Maan regain his memory?
Saturday 5th September 2020
Episode 391
Dev finds a note written by Nandini and informs everyone that she has left the house, even though he is aware that Naintaara is behind this. Naintaara kidnaps Nandini and calls Geet. Does Dev free Nandini? What are Naintaara’s intentions?
Episode 392
Naintaara warns a worried Geet against revealing the truth to Dev or Maan. While Naintaara is celebrating the success of her plan, she is shocked to see Dev arrive with Nandini. She is stunned when Dev reveals a startling truth. What does Dev say?
Sunday 6th September 2020
Episode 393
When Dev enters with Nandini, Naintaara realizes that her plans have failed. She is also shocked to see the divorce papers signed. Maan intervenes when an arrested Naintaara abuses Geet. Does Dev express his love? Is there romance between Maan and Geet?
Episode 394
When Geet learns that Maan is going to Mumbai to attend a wedding, she eagerly waits for him to tell her to do the packing. While Maan goes to office without telling her anything, Dev is clueless on how to propose to Nandini. Does Maan take Geet along?
Monday 7th September 2020
Episode 395
While waiting for Maan to ask her to come to Mumbai, Geet loses an important file given by him. Jugnu assumes that Nandini is having an affair and therefore follows her. When Ranbir, chosen as Nandini’s groom by Beeji, arrives, Dev is jealous. Will Ranbir charm Nandini? What will Dev do?
Episode 396
While Geet asks Dev to express his love for Nandini, he seeks Lucky and Jugnu’s help to follow Ranbir and Nandini. Upon finding that the AC in her room is not working, Geet takes a nap in Maan’s room. How does Maan react when he finds Geet in his room?
Tuesday 8th September 2020
Episode 397
Dev, Lucky and Adi follow Ranbir and Nandini to the restaurant. Maan is unhappy that he did not have proper sleeping space. When Dev walks into Nandini’s room and goes to read a letter kept on the table, she enters. What is in the letter?
Episode 398
While Nandini does not reveal about Ranbir’s envelope, Dev decides to confess his love to her. When Maan asks Geet to get his file given to her for safekeeping, she learns from the servant that the file has been discarded. How will Maan react?
 Wednesday 9th September 2020
Episode 399
While Geet is working on his file, Maan gets upset that she is not taking his calls. Geet seeks Adi and Dev’s help in getting the file ready. While everyone avoids Maan when he comes home, he hears Geet revealing to Adi about losing the file.
Episode 400
While Dev goes to talk to Nandini, Ranbir enters the room. Geet excuses herself from the Puja since she has pending work on the file. While Dev attempts to cheer Nandini, an angry Maan tries to bring Geet back for the puja. What does Maan find out?
Thursday 10th September 2020
Episode 401
Maan tells Geet that he needs a file by next morning, and asks her to join him for puja. During the puja, Geet and Maan take vows as husband and wife. Geet tells Adi that she would complete the file by next morning. Can Geet complete the file and win Maan’s trust?
Episode 402
Geet falls asleep while working on the file. Dev proposes to Nandini with a gift and a note. Nandini reads the note, and accepts his proposal. Next morning, Geet is surprised to see the file, and wonders if Maan knows the truth. She asks Maan about it.
 Friday 11th September 2020
Episode 403
Dev and Nandini meet up for a coffee, and Dev thanks Ranbir for helping him confess his love. Geet and Pinky request Adi to arrange three passes for a movie premier. Maan arranges the movie passes for Adi and Pinky, and plans a surprise for Geet.
Episode 404
Nandini asks Dev to propose to her in front of everyone in the coffee shop, and challenges him to marry her without anybody’s knowledge. Geet overhears Dev’s conversation about his marriage, and Dev requests her not to tell Maan about it. Will Geet reveal Dev’s plan?
Saturday 12th September 2020
Episode 405
Geet is in a dilemma, and Maan senses it. Dev is all set to get married, but is nervous about the secret marriage. Nandini tells Geet that she is testing Dev’s love through this marriage. Seeing Geet’s tension, Maan asks her the reason. What reason does Geet give?
Episode 406
Geet feels extremely guilty for hiding Dev and Nandini’s marriage from Maan. Dev gets stressed out as the priest ditches him at the last moment. Dev calls Geet and asks her not to let Maan know. Detective Jugnu mama enters the scene. Does he get to know of the secret marriage?
Sunday 13th September 2020
Episode 407
Nandini gets irritated sitting in the room and decides to go out, despite Dev’s warning. Geet gets confused seeing Maan in the library, as she had earlier seen him sleeping. Preeto and Nandini confuse Jugnu to a great extent. Adi tries to arrange a priest for the wedding.
Episode 408
Just when the marriage is about to begin, Maan enters the scene, and is upset with Dev and Nandini for keeping him in the dark. Geet tells Maan the facts, and tries to convince him about Dev and Nandini’s love. Does Maan get convinced with Geet’s words and get them married?


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