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Lord of the Skies 7 Teasers September 2020


Lord of the Skies 7 Teasers September 2020
We gladly inform you about Lord of the Skies 7 Teasers September 2020
Lord of the Skies 7 was originally supposed to start in June but was delayed in the chaos of Lockdown.
It now premieres in Sepetmber, on Monday the 21st,
Coming up:
Monday 21 September 2020
Season 7 Premiere!

Laura tries out new ways to wake up Aurelio. The Casillas cartel makes a plan to free Amado. El Capo acquires a new identity: Pio José Valdivia.
Tuesday 22 September 2020
Doña Alba asks Ismael to leave the Cartel, but he refuses. Colon is recovering in hospital in Mexico. Amado asks Navarro to clear Corina’s file.
Wednesday 23 September 2020
Odeja visits Colon and asks about Corina, while Alejandra and Ángela go to Mexico to meet Super Javi. El Cabo blackmails Jaime.
Thursday 24 September 2020
Chema suggests to Rutila that they should work together. Cabo prepares an attack on Super Javi, while Castillo negotiates with DJ Dylan.
Friday 25 September June 2020
Amado arrives in Greece with Diana to do business with the Balkan Cartel. Meanwhile, Dylan manages to escape from Ismael and his men.
Saturday 26 September 2020
Dylan marvels at the effects of Fentanyl. Colon tells Corina that Navarro is looking for her. Valdés refuses to answer Uzcátegui’s questions.
Sunday 27 September 2020
Amado demands that Nikos tell him the truth, while the Casillas Cartel meets with Doña Alba. Diana decides to go to Mexico to face her mother.

Monday 28 September 2020
Ojeda orders Dalila to upload the video of Amado’s escape to social media. Aurelio’s funeral takes place, and Ismael says goodbye.
Tuesday 29 September 2020
Pío and Estrella offer Dylan a job, and he accepts, fearing for his life. Aurelio’s funeral is transmitted nationwide.
Wednesday 30 September 2020
The Casillas family prepare to return to Mexico City and begin negotiating with other cartels. Ojeda arrives in Greece with Delilah and meets Volpi.

Lord of the Skies 7 airs on Telemundo from Mondays to Sundays at 23h00.


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