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Made for Each Other Teasers October 2020


Made for Each Other October Teasers 2020

Made for Each Other Teasers

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What would you do if you were Prerna? Would you fight to keep the man you adore or let the other woman have him? The story is getting more interesting because Prerna has learned how to counter-attack the plans of her enemies.

Made for Each Other teasers for September 2020

Watch this drama series on Star Life from Monday to Friday at 19h30. Here is what you should expect to see in September.

What is Prerna’s husband doing behind her back?

Anurag is curious to know what he is concealing because his behavior is strange.

1/09/2020: Tuesday (Episode 316)

Is there a reason for Anurag to investigate Prerna’s spouse, or are his actions motivated by jealousy? He explains to Komolika that he feels a special bond connects him to Prerna and her unborn child. Moloy invites people to a party.

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2/09/2020: Wednesday (Episode 317)

Komolika comes up with another deadly plan against Prerna. Veen loses control over her temper and exposes the secrets of Prerna’s husband to Anurag unintentionally.

3/09/2020: Thursday (Episode 318)

Prerna declares the firm decision she has made about Anurag. Anurag enters Shekhar’s house secretly while Mohini’s comments about Prerna’s unborn baby deeply hurts Veena.

Prerna faces false accusations

Komolika tarnishes Prerna’s reputation once more.

4/09/2020: Friday (Episode 319)

Anurag seeks to speak to Prerna as soon as he learns that Komolika, the drama queen, has created a scene in the mansion by accusing her of theft.

7/09/2020: Monday (Episode 320)

Komolika commands the cops to look for the lost item in Prerna’s house before searching anywhere else. Still, Anurag tries to calm the situation to protect the suspect from getting arrested.

Made for Each Other Teasers

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8/09/2020: Tuesday (Episode 321)

Komolika swears to kill Prerna because she endured shame in front of the entire family when they discovered how she framed Prerna.

9/09/2020: Wednesday (Episode 322)

Prerna receives a sweet surprise from Anurag. At the same time, Komolika sets her plan to kill Prerna.

10/09/2020: Thursday (Episode 323)

Will Komolika succeed in killing the woman she hates the most in the world?

Has Komolika become a nurse?

She transforms herself into an unsuspecting professional to get what she wants.

11/09/2020: Friday (Episode 324)

While Komolika dresses as a nurse and sneaks into Prerna’s house unnoticed, Anurag lends Veena a comforting shoulder. Later, Shivani is surprised to see Ronit at the hospital.

Made for Each Other Teasers

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14/09/2020: Monday (Episode 325)

Anupam finds the truck that ran over Prerna at the police station. Anurag takes Prerna home to protect her despite objections from the nurses. Will Ronit meet the strict conditions that have been laid for him?

Anurag and Anupam turn into spies

Will the ongoing secret investigation on Monty reveal important information?

15/09/2020: Tuesday (Episode 326)

The truth slaps Prerna so hard that she attacks Komolika and threatens to stab her with a knife out of rage, while Anurag and Anupam conspire to spy on Monty. What did Shivani and Ronit discuss over the phone?

16/09/2020: Wednesday (Episode 327)

Anurag consults a detective while Mohini resorts to help Komolika to accomplish her plans. Prerna’s words leave Mohini speechless, and Anurag recollects unclear memories concerning Ronit.

Made for Each Other Teasers

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17/09/2020: Thursday (Episode 328)

Anurag treats Prerna like a queen, and Komolika plots to have a child with him, but Prerna slaps her for playing these dirty tricks.

What is happening to Prerna and Komolika?

  • Komolika disguises herself as a medical professional to kill Prerna in the hospital, but her plans hit a dead end.
  • Prerna and her unborn baby are still in grave danger as long as Komolika is in her life because she will do everything to separate her from Anurag.

September 2020 Made for Each Other teasers are amazing. You should watch the show because the episodes will show you a lot of interesting events.

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