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Mathematics Post UTME Syllabus

Mathematics Post UTME Syllabus

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This is complete Post UTME Syllabus in Mathematics for candidates who are writing post utme exam this year in various universities. So, if you are preparing for post utme exam, it’s important that you follow this syllabus while you are reading. Try as much as possible to cover it with text books and post utme past questions.

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In recent times, the gap between the Secondary School Mathematics syllabus and First Year University mathematics has widened. This has led to very poor performance of students in their First Year Mathematics in the University.

The Pre-Degree Mathematics syllabus is designed to bridge this gap and to provide a solid basic foundation necessary for an average student to cope with First Year mathematics in the university.

The syllabus is specifically designed for students offering courses in the areas of Science, Social Sciences, Agriculture and Engineering.

It is hoped that a good coverage of the syllabus will remove the missing link and provide adequate pre-requisite to the first year undergraduate university syllabus in mathematics.




Numbers and Basic Arithmetic Operations Integer, real, rational and natural numbers. Number Bases Addition, subtraction, multiplication and division in different bases. (Bases 2-12). Conversion from one base to another. Fractions, Decimals and Approximations. Rates, Ratio and Proportions.

Factorisation of Polynomial Expression

Quadratic equations and Perfect Squares. Simultaneous equations in two and three unknowns. Elementary properties of quadratic functions. Functions of roots of quadratic equations. Factor and Remainder Theorems.

Polynomials. Variations and Inequalities. Sequences and Series Arithmetic and Geometric Progressions. Graphs of linear, quadratic and Cubic functions.



Euclidean Geometry Lines, triangles and polygons. Circles Arcs chords, segments. sectors of circles. Theorems on circles. Measuration Perimeter, Areas and Volumes of solid figures:

triangles, rectangles, circles. cylinder, cone. pyramid and prism. Coordinate Geometry; Rectangular and Cartesian coordinates; Mid Point, gradient, distance between two points, equations ofa line in the forms y = mx + c, ax + by + c = o. division of line internally and externally into ratios. Parallel and perpendicular lines. Basic Trigonometry; Sine, Cosine and tangent of an angle. Sine and Cosine formulae. Pythagoras Theorem.

Differentiation; Application of derivatives to rates of change, maxima and minima. Integration of algebraic, trigonometric and exponential functions. Application of integration to areas and volumes.

Introduction to Statistics and Probability;

Methods of collection and representation of data. Measures of location – (Mean, median, mode) and measures of dispersion – mean deviation, quartile deviation and standard deviation.

Probability – addition and multiplication of conditional probability. Permutation and combination – application to probability.

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