Ramat Polytechnic Convocation 2023-2024 | Dates, Venues, Fees & List

Official Ramat Polytechnic Convocation 2023-2024 | Dates, Venues, Gown, Fees, Dress Code, Scale & List

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Ramat Polytechnic convocation is usually a celebration where graduating students receive their academic hoods, and cross the stage to receive their degrees in front of their university’s president, provost, faculty members and family and friends in the audience. Ramat Polytechnic convocation celebrates students’ culmination of their academic journey.

Ramat Polytechnic convocation refers to a celebratory ceremony where degrees are conferred upon a graduating class. The school’s president, provost and faculty members are dressed in regalia and students receive their academic hoods when on stage. Once graduates are hooded and cross the stage, they have officially graduated.

How to Check the Ramat Polytechnic Convocation Details 2023-2024

Note: to check the Genuine Ramat Polytechnic Convocation Details 2023-2024, kindly visit Ramat Polytechnic Official website or ( Ramat Polytechnic Student Portal )

NB! Latecomers will not be admitted into the venue after the ceremony has started and will be directed to the overflow venue where they can watch the ceremony through live streaming.

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