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Starlife Brave and Beautiful October Teasers 2020


Brave and Beautiful October Teasers 2020 Starlife

We gladly inform you about Starlife Brave and Beautiful September Teasers 2020 -Read full episode below

Shraddha decides to leave Anshuman’s house when Ayaan refuses to accept her as a mother. But before she can leave, she has to rush to Ayaan’s school, where his principal is planning to rusticate him.

Starlife Brave and Beautiful September Teasers 2020

Tuesday 1 September  2020 

Episode 11

Shraddha proves Ayaan’s innocence and saves him from being rusticated. Meanwhile, Anshuman is certain that is leaving after failing to complete the challenge. Kritika even starts preparing for their engagement.

Wednesday 2 September 2020

Episode 12

Threatening to reveal the truth to Shraddha, Rana asks Anshuman to exchange rings with Kritika. Anshuman can’t make up his mind when he finds Shraddha’s name engraved on the ring. However, Kritika has a new plan in mind to get rid of Shraddha.

Thursday 3 September 2020

Episode 13

On Kritika’s request, Rana gives Anshuman another week to get rid of Shraddha. Meanwhile, Ayaan’s relationship with Shraddha continues to improve. However, Shraddha faces a new problem when she learns about Kritika’s feelings towards Anshuman.

Friday 4 September 2020

Episode 14

Shraddha asks Anshuman to quit smoking when she finds out that Ayaan wants to imitate him. Meanwhile, Lavanya pushes Girish a bit more about the divorce papers. On the other hand, Anshuman plans to go on a secret trip with Kritika.

Monday 7 September  2020 

Episode 15

Shraddha becomes worried about Anshuman after hearing about a plane crash. She fails to get in touch with him and learns that he lied about his business trip. Lavanya acquires a new business project. Will Shraddha find Anshuman and Kritika?

Tuesday 8 September  2020 

Episode 16

Even after finding Anshuman and Kritika in the same hotel room, Shraddha decides to keep her feelings to herself. Meanwhile, Lavanya’s relationship with Girish becomes tense. Will Shraddha finally find out the truth about Anshuman and Kritika?

Wednesday 9 September 2020

Episode 17

Shraddha is shocked to learn about Kritika and Anshuman’s feelings towards each other. She shares her sorrow with Girish, who tries to console her. Meanwhile, Anshuman starts to feel guilty about lying to Shraddha.

Thursday 10 September 2020

Episode 18

Shraddha hides the truth from her family despite learning about Anshuman’s love for Kritika. Girish is surprised to find a few books on pregnancy in Lavanya’s room. Will Shraddha’s decision to leave change Anshuman’s feelings towards her?

Friday 11 September 2020

Episode 19

Shraddha finds it difficult to part ways with Ayaan and is unable to tell him the truth. Girish finds out, Lavanya is not pregnant. Anshuman makes a major business announcement, Shraddha is busy planning a secret deal with her lawyer.
Monday 14 September  2020 

Episode 20

Anshuman is shocked to learn that Shraddha is after his property. Even after being insulted for her betrayal, Shraddha demands a divorce in front of the press. Anshuman cannot figure out the reason behind Shraddha’s change of attitude.

Tuesday 15 September  2020 

Episode 21

Shraddha is upset when Kritika calls Anshuman selfish despite knowing his truth. Although she still misses Ayaan, she gathers the courage to leave Anshuman’s house. Anshuman feels guilty. Girish decides to track Shraddha down at the station.

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