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WACS Past Questions and Answers | Free PDF Download

Download WACS Past Questions and Answers

WACS Past Questions and Answers Download

Obtain a current version of the WACS previous questions and answers: On this page, you can download previous questions from the West African College of Surgeons. For the PRIMARY, DIPLOMA, MEMBERSHIP & FELLOWSHIP tests, the WACS exam sample questions are accessible. This study material is now available for simple download in PDF format.

Why should you download the WACS past questions?

Admission to the West African College of Surgeons is not just about practicing in this field. We encourage you to clear the past questions because the pass mark for this exam varies in different countries. A candidate who clears this exam will be one who has demonstrated an understanding of West African history and health as well as being a modern West African in approach to healthcare. You will be recognized as a highly educated medical professional in this field who is not only aware of modern techniques but who is also conversant with the past. This is the only exam in Nigeria that is a gateway to practice in Nigeria. How do you clear this exam? The WACS exam past questions are divided into two sets of questions with the following cut-off marks. Approximately 21 questions per set.

What are the benefits of downloading the WACS past questions?

There are 4 questions in this booklet covering the following subjects: The Registrar’s Role in Course Preparation and Examining WACS Examination Methodology The WACS Examination’s format WACS Registration – What to do after passing the test The WACS Exam Questions (Forms 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5) Registration-Related Questions when should I take the test? When in the year should you take the exam? When should the forms be submitted: in January or February?

How to Download WACS Past Questions and Answers

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