Napolcom Examination 2022-2023 | How to Pass

Napolcom Examination 2022-2023 | How to Pass

We( team) are pleased to inform you about Napolcom Examination 2022-2023 | How to Pass

The PNP NAPOLCOM EXAMINATION or Philippine National Police NAPOLCOM EXAMINATION is another way to become a member of the Philippine National Police. By passing the exam and a series of training you will eligibly be a member of the PNP task force.

Does the NAPOLCOM Examination is hard?

Taking the exam is not hard if you are ready mentally and physically.

How to file the NAPOLCOM Examination?

Here are the brief steps:

  • Know the Requirements
  • Search and browse theNAPOLCOM official site.
  • Or, you may log and fill the form.
  • After filling,submitthe form, click the Confirmation button, and Print the  Confirmation letter.


To know more about some tips on how to pass the NAPOLCOM EXAMINATION, below are important things you need to consider.

Get an appointment

Bear in mind that only those applicants with confirmed reference numbers will be entertained. So you better be quick on filling and adhere to the policy of “first-come, first-served” basis.

Be Prepared

Getting ready is the absolute first thing you need to do, but start your preparation earlier. You can begin reviewing as soon as you received the PNP examination schedule. How to do it?

  •  Enroll in a review center
  • Get free access in onlineNAPOLCOM or PNP ENTRANCE EXAM REVIEWER.

Know the Current and Political Events

Educate yourself by reading Newspapers, browsing on Social Media, and watching TV News. Be aware of all the current and Political events. It enhances your reading awareness and knowledge about the happenings in your region.

Locate the Napolcom Examination Center

It is very significant to know the exact location of the Napolcom Examination center to maximize your time on focusing more on the test.

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Get up Early

There’s a saying, “Early Bird Catches the Worm.” Get up early makes you more focused and energetic on the examination day. By doing so, you can avoid unpredicted traffic, rush hours, and you have enough time to prepare.

Take your Breakfast before Going

According to research, consuming the right food and eating your breakfast before taking the exam to boost your mind and make you more focused.

Wear Proper attire or Comfortable Clothes

You are expected to wear a plain white t-shirt, or white polo shirt, dark pants, and shoes.

Take the Things Needed

Don’t forget to bring the required things before taking the exam. Bring the materials such a Pencil (grade 2), extra pencil, and sharpener.

Relax and Pray

Whatever your religion, don’t forget to pray – prayer is powerful. It makes you relaxed and comfortable while taking exams.

Manage Your Time

Focused on and manage your time. When encountering hard questions, don’t stick to it. Holding to hard questions is time-consuming.

You can go with the easy questions, and getting back the hard questions, later, is the best thing to do. In that way, you can save your time.


Keep in mind that when taking the NAPOLCOM EXAMINATION it needs preparation, focused, and courage to pass the exam.

Whatever the outcome whether you pass or not don’t stop, and keep trying. Continue to pursue your dreams, than doing nothing at all.

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