Download SPIE Oil and Gas Past Questions And Answers

SPIE Oil and Gas Past Questions And Answers Download

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SPIE Oil and Gas Past Questions

SPIE happens to be one of the best Oil and Gas company in Nigeria. They are known for their high salary jobs and this alone left them with large number of applicants.

SPIE screening exercise will soon be announced, this exam will be a very competitive one and only the best well be selected.

I know you’ll be wondering what it takes to be the best, it’s just hard-work and serious preparation. Remember, nothing good comes easy. We’re here for you with the right study material (SPIE Oil and Gas past questions and answers) which is derived from there previous exams with 50% chances of repetition.

SPIE Oil and Gas past questions and answers is now in a PDF format, easy to download and compatible with devices like IOS, Android and tablets. Below are samples of this study material and how to download the full PDF file.

Samples of this study material

1. Round 907.457 to the nearest tens place.
A. 908.0
B. 910
C. 907.5
D. 900
E. 907.46

2. At a certain high school, the respective weights for the following subjects are: Mathematics 3, English 3, History 2, Science 2 and Art 1. What is a student’s average whose marks were the following: Geometry 89, American Literature 92, American History 94, Biology 81, and Sculpture 85?
A. 85.7
B. 87.8
C. 88.9
D. 89.4
E. 90.2

3. Ginger over the course of an average work-week wanted to see how much she spent on lunch daily. On Monday and Thursday, she spent $5.43 total. On Tuesday and Wednesday, she spent $3.54 on each day. On Friday, she spent $7.89 on lunch. What was her average daily cost?
A. $3.19
B. $3.75
C. $3.90
D. $4.08
E. $4.23

4. What is 1230.932567 rounded to the nearest hundredths place?
A. 1200
B. 1230.9326
C. 1230.93
D. 1230
E. 1230.933

5. Subtract the following numbers rounded to the nearest tenths place.
134.679 – 45.548 – 67.8807
A. 21.3
B. 21.25
C. -58.97
D. -59.0
E. 1

How to Download SPIE Oil and Gas Past Questions And Answers

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